Art Together

Part of Svaki Student HS

Explore different mediums of art with your friends at SvakiStudent’s ArtTogether! Each month we will create a different type of art and learn from a different artist. At the end of the school year each person will have the opportunity to display their favorite creation in the 2020 SvakiStudent art gallery. All skill levels welcome.

Upcoming Events

October 2019: TBD

Date and time: 29 October, 19:30

Cost: 5 KM

Click HERE to sign up.

November 2019: Acrylic Flow with BobbiJo Brooks


December 2019: Foundations of Classical Drawing Techniques with Sasa Nikoliniovic

Instagram: @sasanikolinovic

February 2020: Acrylic Canvas with Katie Sasser

Instagram: @Adventure_kate

March 2020: Brush Calligraphy with Taylor Irby

Instagram: @taylorirby

April 2020: Watercolor with Taylor Irby

Instagram: @taylorirby

Past Events

September 2019: Contemplative Collage with Taylor Irby

“When I signed up for Art Together at @svakistudent.hs, I didn’t expect much. I was tired and ready for this week to end…also I didn’t know what ‘contemplative collage’ was. However, this ended up being like therapy to me. I know this looks like a bunch of random photos glued on a paper to some…but to me it is so much more. My entire life. Everything I hold dear. All the thoughts swirling around my head. Art is so healing, and it was about time I remembered that. 🕊 // Beyond thankful. //” -Ajna